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Helicopter lessons out of Leeds heliport! Get your first taste of rotary aviation at this friendly helicopter training and charter service facility. You’ll get to see the sights and have a go at the controls as you fly around the Leeds area and beyond. This training centre has both two seater and four seater helicopters available. The four seater is a Robinson R44 one of the most recognisable names in aviation and used by not just this Leeds school but many helicopter training centres around the world. It’s a similar story with the two seater Robinson R22. It’s the little sister to the R44 and just as popular with students. Now you know which helicopters make up the fleet here in Leeds you might be wondering where you’ll go during your 30 minute or one-hour lesson? Well again that’s the beauty of this location. You’re pretty high up here in Leeds with the neighbouring Leeds Bradford International Airport sitting at 681ft above sea level (the highest in the UK!) so it’s big panoramic views over the countryside guaranteed! As soon as you get airborne from the heliport you’ll see the likes of Yeadon Tarn Otley Chevin Forest Park and the Horsforth and Rawdon golf clubs. If you know the area well you’re sure to spot all the landmarks around you as you head off in the direction of Harrogate and the Dales. But of course you’re not here just for the ride you’re here to actually take control and fly the chopper for yourself too. Having learned about the basic controls of the chopper during your ground briefing you’ll have plenty of time getting to grips with piloting the helicopter as you fly. On your return to the helipad area you’ll spend time tackling the tricky hover challenge and doing a few circuits. Both brilliant fun. Don’t forget these helicopter lessons are at Leeds helipad not the main airport. With direct access to the free car parking you’ll love the fact that the training school is right next to its very own helipad where a Robinson will be sitting waiting for you. Book your helicopter lesson now and see how it feels to fly in a chopper over Leeds.


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