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Take a helicopter lesson over Gloucestershire and enjoy the thrill of rotary flight at this centre in the heart of the Cotswolds! We’ve got a full roster of lesson durations available to suit every budget. Gloucestershire Airport at Staverton is perfectly placed midway between Cheltenham and Gloucester and just three minutes from the M5 and A40 so no wonder this busy General Aviation airport oversees more than 90 000 flights a year. At this Gloucestershire-based school you have the choice of lessons in either the Robinson R22 or the Robinson R44 helicopter. The R22 is your classic two-seater training chopper and the R44 is the larger more powerful four seater version. Whichever you choose you’re assured of expert supervision and teaching throughout the duration of your lesson. This Gloucestershire centre is renowned for excellent helicopter training from knowledgeable and highly experienced instructors. All flight times are quoted from when the rotor blades are started to being switched off. No matter which duration you go for there is always plenty of hands-on flying time so you can really get a feel for what helicopter flying around this busy part of the world is all about. Of course these experiences aim to be fun but if you do have more serious ambitions when it comes to being a helicopter pilot these lessons in Gloucestershire do actually count towards your hours needed. This is a great place to take a lesson in a helicopter as it is a bustling location boasting four different runways. There’s always lots going on at Staverton with aeronautical training schools charter companies and even swanky executive operations. So expect plenty of aerial movements around you as you gain an interesting insight into this helicopter company’s extensive facilities. From engineering hangars aircraft handling and sales to the ground briefing before your helicopter flying lesson gets underway in Gloucestershire there’s lots to discover. Have fun!


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