ICAO Aviation English Proficiency For Aviation Test Prep.


International Civil Aviation Organisation Language Proficiency Test Prep. for Aviation

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This course has been designed to prepare you adequately, in order that you may, in turn, be able to undertake the ICAO Aviation English Test with confidence. The ICAO Aviation English Language Test has been introduced to meet the english language requirements in accordance with ICAO Document 9835. Each module supplied on this course focuses on different aspects of the testing process itself. Additional free downloadable courseware has been included in this test prep to ensure ease of understanding. The intention of this course is therefore to make you aware of the content of the ICAO Aviation English testing forum, and how it is applied. The candidate is given plenty of support throughout this test Prep. with practical examples included of both, how to reply to a question and also, how not to. Most notably, this course will equip you with the necessary tools well in advance of your appointment date to sit the Aviation English Language Proficiency Test for Aviation. At course completion, our primary intention is for you to have gained the necessary skills required in order to attain a minimum of a Level 4 outcome for your ICAO Aviation English Language Test. The additional training material that has been added to this course includes powerpoint presentations, audio downloads and examples of aviation english as used in the operational environment.


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