Indoor Skydiving For 1 – 2016 Christmas Special

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Indoor Skydiving is an incredibly unique experience, and an almost indescribable feeling that will stay with you for a long time. This fantastic limited offer for Christmas 2016 will give you two x 1 minute flights (that’s as much freefall as 3 tandem sky dives!) in the wind tunnel where you will get to perfect your basic free fall technique. In each of your one minute flights, you will fall a distance equivalent to 2 miles. An optional DVD is available at the end of your experience to help you remember your day – not that you’re at risk of forgetting!The wind tunnel is as close a simulation of actual skydiving as can possibly be achieved without a parachute, and is – quite literally – an absolute blast! Following your introduction and safety briefing, you’ll step into the wind tunnel and be lifted from solid ground all the way to the top of a 20 foot tunnel…just straighten your arms and let yourself fall forward into that wind. There will be an instructor present throughout your two Indoor Skydiving 1 minute flights, and they will coach and advise you with hand signals, as you bob around on a bed of air.


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