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You can go a long way in 20 minutes particularly if you’re travelling at 500 miles an hour. So where would you like to go? All commercial jet pilots have to log some hours on a flight simulator and now you can too. For the 20 Minutes you could actually take off and land on a flight from London To Edinburgh or a trip from Amsterdam to Brussels or you could take off from anywhere and land where ever you like. Under the direction of a real pilot instructor you will learn what it feels like to fly a real commercial plane. You don’t need any flying experience for this experience of a lifetime. For the next 20 minutes you can literally choose where you want to fly. From Paris to London or Prague to Vienna. Make your choice from over 500 ultra realistic airports, Your co pilot instructors will be on hand to help you with the take off and landing. Can you set the huge jet down safely? We know you can!


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