Learn Aviation English for Pilots


Learn Talking to Air Traffic Contoller as an Airline Pilot – Understand Pilot and ATC Communications and Their Meanings

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1 COMPLETE AND WELL DOCUMENTED PILOT – ATC RADIO COMMUNICATIONS VIDEO COURSE IN INTERNETIN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARNRADIO BASICS AND HOW TO TALK TO ATC AS A PILOTBECAUSE THERE IS NEARLY NO WELL DOCUMENTED COURSE IN INTERNET, WE HAVE CREATED THIS UNIQUE COURSE FOR RADIO BASICS In this course we will learn together;INTRODUCTIONWho is Air Traffic Controller (ATC)?How does ATCmanage all these air traffic?Atc sections like ground, tower, departure, center, approachWhere does the responsibility of related ATC unit start and end?Differences between all air traffic controller unitsResponsibility areas of different atc unitsWhat does delivery unit do?What does ground controller do?What does tower controller do?What does departure controller do?What does center controller do?What does appraoch controller do?What is atc clearance?What is digital clearance?What is radar vectoring?How to escape weather occurances?What is FIR (flight information region)?ATC UNITSHow to request ATC clearance?What is the responsibility of delivery unit?What is atc clearance?What is digital clearance?How does digital clearance system work?Who is ground controller What is ground controller responsible for?What is pushback?What is taxi? How ground controllers manage all these ground traffic in crowded airports?Who is tower controller?What is tower controller responsible for?When to contact with tower controller?What is the mission of departure controller?When to contact with departure controller?What is SID(Standard Instrument Departure)?How to request to deviate our route because of dangerous clouds?What does center controller do?What is FIR (Flight Information Region)?When does responsibility area of center controller start and end?What does approach controller do?When should we contact with approach controller?What STAR means for us?When to contact approach?When approach controller transfer us to tower controller?FLIGHT PHASESEasy tricks when you are contacting first with ATC4Wrule in radio communicationHow to make your inital contact when you are first contacting with ATCHow do we request ATC clearance?How do we use SIDand CRAFT acronyms while requesting ATC clearance?What is DCL?How can we request ATC clearance without voice communication?How to request engine startup?Can we request engine startup and pushback together?How to request pushback clearance from ground?What does additional informations during pushback (like facing south) mean?How to request taxiHow to find our route during taxiWhat all taxi letters mean to usWhat is lineup clearanceHow to request line up clearanceWhen we change our frequency from ground to towerWhat is the importance of “behind” term during lineupHow to reqest takeoff clearanceShould we make readback wind informationWhen to change frequency from takeoff to departureHow to contact with departure controllerHow to request deviation from your own route during departureHow to request level change during turbulenceHow to request deviation from our route during cruiseHow to know when we will descendHow to request descent from controllerWhen to change our frequency from center to approach controllerHow to request approach clearance when we first contact with approach controllerWhat information should we report when we are requesting approach clearanceWhen to change our frequency from approach to towerWhat to say when we first contact with tower controller during approach for landingWhat to say if you have to go-aroundWhen to change your frequency from tower to groundHow to request your taxi route to gate after landing from groundFULL FLIGHTWe will combine all we have learned and make a sample flight from Hamburg to MunichWe will revise all we have learned about atc communications from previous lectures with real flight (from engine startup to cruise phase)We will revise all we have learned about atc communications from previous lectures with real flight (from cruise phase to after landing phase)CONCLUSIONWe will make a conclusion all about we have learned, share some suggestions to enhance your atc communications


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