Learn To Fly. Private Pilot Licence. Aviation Careers.


How to gain a private pilot licence, how to use it for fun and recreation, and how to start a career in aviation.

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Is it your ambition to learn to fly in order to simply enjoy flight or to start a career in aviation?Would you like to learn to fly for recreation and pleasure, flying light aircraft, sport aircraft, microlights, or gyrocopters?Do you ever look up as aircraft fly overhead and wonder if you too could become a private pilot or pehaps one day an airline pilot?I learned to fly 30 years ago and in this course I present you with advice and tips based on my personal experience of gaining Private Pilots Licence. This is a course designed to inspire and motivate you rather than a technical course covering specific parts of the PPL syllabus. Join me on this course as I introduce you to the wonderful world of the Pilot’s Licence, general aviation, commerical aviation, and the aviation industry.


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