Light Aircraft Aerobatics Experience in Coventry


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Classic Spitfires or the Red Arrows tend to come to mind when thinking of jaw-dropping aerobatic displays, but did you know you can also experience death-defying airborne stunts at your local airport? Experience a loop the loop, aileron roll and stall turn on this thrilling flying day in Coventry!Arriving at Coventry Airport, the day kicks off with a classroom briefing on light aircraft controls and a Q&A session with the pilot, before jumping into the aircraft for take-off. You’ll feel your adrenaline pumping immediately as you soar above the Coventry countryside, heading out to the aerobatics zone with the pilot talking you through each segment, ensuring you’re comfortable throughout the flight. Once you’re safely inside the zone, it’s time for some stunts! Your hair will quite literally stand on end as the pilot pushes the engine to the limit and takes you on a full 360 degree loop, a heart-stopping aileron roll, and an epic stall turn. After landing you’ll be presented with a commemorative certificate to mark your incredible day – not that you’ll need any help remembering!This is an utterly unique experience that makes a perfect gift for adrenaline junkies wanting to try something new. Give a special someone an Experience Days Gift Voucher and make their dreams come true!


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