Microlight Flight Berkshire


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Flying Experience Days: Experience the thrill of Microlight Flying at Membury Airfield, where you can take to the skies of Swindon at 2,000ft – on an unforgettable flight over the picturesque countryside, starting from any of the 750m, 407m and 274m runway straights at the great Airfield. Your Microlight Flying Experience in Berkshire will begin with a welcome to Redlands Airfield, where your instructor for the day will introduce you to the grounds, the Microlight and the essential protocols of Microlighting in these areas. After a final pre-flight check, you’ll make your way to the runway and take to the skies ready for a 20-30 minute flight, admiring the fantastic scenic countryside below. If the conditions allow it, your instructor may even let you take the controls and get some hands on experience! Once safely landed, the pilot will debrief and provide advice on the next stages – then you can take home your commemorative certificate to remember the day with.A gift voucher for a Microlight Flight in Berkshire is a wonderfully unique idea for Mother’s and Father’s Day, or celebrating a special occasion with a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


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