Microlight Flight for Wheelchair Users


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Flying Experience Days: This microlighting experience is perfect for would-be pilots who think their disability prevents them from learning to fly. Take off in an Ikarus C42 microlight, adapted to suit a range of disabled users, and enjoy a twenty-minute flight at the controls! Flights depart from two airfields, in Kent and Cambridgeshire. On arrival at your chosen venue, you’ll be met by a friendly instructor who’ll give a full briefing, before leading you to the aircraft. The Ikarus C42 is a fine example of German engineering, and the model you’ll be flying has been specially modified to suit pilots with limited or no lower limb mobility. A hand-operated rudder control replaces the standard pedal, allowing the aircraft to be operated using one’s hands alone. With your experienced co-pilot alongside, you’ll enjoy a twenty-minute flight over the Great British countryside, during which you’ll cover the fundamentals of flying and admire some stunning views. Back on solid ground, you’ll be on cloud nine for days! The Microlight Flight for Wheelchair Users is a unique opportunity to fulfil your aerial ambition. Who knows where that first flight could lead – with an Experience Days voucher, the sky’s the limit!


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