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Fun and affordable microlighting in Berkshire! This small and friendly club offers a choice of microlight flight options out of Membury Airfield. Easy to get to from all over Berkshire and beyond this is a great place to take your first flight in a microlight aircraft. Membury was a busy USAAF and later RAF station. Once the war was over the airfield was privatised and much of the land turned back to agricultural use but there was still a thriving General Aviation scene and that remains today at this strategically-positioned airfield between Reading and Swindon. Microlight flights are operated in either fixed-wing closed cockpit or flex-wing open cockpit aircraft. The choice is yours. Will you get back to the grass roots of the sport and don your flying suit for a flight in the flex-wing? Or will you stay nice and cosy in the closed cockpit of the fixed wing? Both offer very different experiences for you as a passenger but both are brilliant in their own way! Indeed the instructor pilots based at this Berkshire microlight school also have their favourites. For Chief Flying Instructor David Sollom it’s all about being in the open air with the elements. With his background in paragliding and hangliding David loves nothing better than to get airborne in the school’s Pegasus 912 flex wing. Lead flying instructor on the fixed wing is Dave ‘Coxy’ Cox. He has a long established career in the RAF with the big planes but he adores the little Ikarus microlight he flies. It’s got side-by-side seating (so you get a really good view of what’s going on) and it’s nice and toasty in colder weather. We are offering 30 or 60-minute flights in either the flex or the fixed-wing. If you’re looking for great value microlighting in Berkshire with a choice of durations and aircraft this is the place to go! Buy your vouchers online and go microlighting in the Berkshire skies with this relaxed and enthusiastic team.


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