Microlight Flights Snowdonia


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Can microlights fly over Snowdonia National Park? Yes they certainly can! We are offering a range of great value for money microlight flights from Caernarfon Airport for you to discover this most stunning part of North Wales. You will be flying in a flex-wing microlight. These are the ultralight trike aircraft with a hang-glider style high wing where you use weight shift to control the microlight. And whilst at first glance they make look small and rather flimsy they are actually really stable in the air. And in fact the first solo round the world microlight trip was in a Mainair Blade just like this one! On these trips you’ll have plenty of time on your microlight flight to explore the expanse that is the Snowdonia. Every day is different here with the mountain peaks constantly changing colour with the light and the seasons. And of course being so close to the Straits and the Irish sea you get some fabulous coastline views too. You’ll be sitting behind the pilot in the raised rear passenger seat of this tandem microlight. Fully strapped in you’ll be ready for take off and ready to take in those amazing views. As it is all open to the elements you’ll be wearing a flying suit and be kitted out with a helmet which has an integrated comms system so you can and your pilot can talk. Your pilot is Keith. A highly experienced aviator this Welshman is understandably proud of his rather special ‘backyard’ that is Snowdonia. He also loves flying his microlight and being able to combine such breathtaking views with flying is pretty much living the dream. These experiences give you the chance to get a little taste of all that. We are offering 30 45 and 60-minute flights in Keith’s microlights above Snowdonia all year round. The minimum age for these flights is just 14 which is an brilliant opportunity for any youngster to get airborne. And of course all ages will enjoy the incredible mix of mountains and beaches all rolled into one wonderful microlight flight.


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