Microlight Flying 30 Minute Experience – Lancashire


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Flying Experience Days: Flying is a purely fantastic feeling and one which really cannot be beaten…but flying in a Microlight will make you feel that bit closer to nature than any other aeroplane or helicopter flight could hope for. During this 30 minute experience, you’ll soar above the rolling hills of Lancashire with little more than a canopy over head. Upon arriving at the airfield, you’ll be greeted by your flight instructor where you’ll be briefed on the mechanics of the microlight as well as any safety aspects to consider. Then it is time to climb into the passenger seat and prepare for take-off. If you have chosen to take your experience in a flexwing microlight, you’ll be tucked closely into the seat behind the instructor, or will be seated by their side for a fixed-wing flight. Once you have left the ground far below and are safely gliding through the air, the instructor will offer the controls over, for the aerial opportunity of a lifetime. If you feel brave enough, and can prove your skills, you may be piloting the aircraft for the remainder of your 30 minute flight…and if you live locally, there might even be a chance to fly over (or near) your house! A truly unforgettable flying experience, this 30 minute microlight taster flight is a wonderful experience gift for any special occasion. The aerial views of the Lancashire countryside are quite something to behold, so don’t forget to look down!


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