Microlighting Bedfordshire


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Go microlighting on the Bedfordshire/Cambridgeshire border! Join Greg and his team for a trial flying lesson in a fixed wing microlight flight out of Little Gransden airfield and discover the joys of ultra light aviation. Equidistant from Bedford and Cambridge you’ll find Little Gransden airfield on the edge of Fuller’s Farm. As well as this microlight school there’s quite a bit of activity at Gransden. Don’t be surprised if you see an Extra aerobatic plane as the airfield owner has a team based here. And if you’re lucky you might spot some Yaks because there’s a specialist UK Yakolev dealer here too! Greg Burns is the pilot instructor and examiner of the microlight school. He offering 30 and 60-minute trial lessons in a modern Ikarus C42 aircraft. This is a fixed wing light sports aircraft that is still categorised as a microlight but looks like a typical light aircraft. Interestingly it was a trial microlight flight voucher that initially got Greg hooked on flying. Since then he has worked as a pilot instructor at many airfields both at home and abroad. He now loves taking newbies up for a flight in the Ikarus. It’s easy to fly stable and comfortable too making it the ideal training aircraft. As soon as you’re airborne from Gransden you’ll realise you really are on the border of Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. You’re also only a few miles south east of St Neots at this well-placed airfield. You’ll get some great views of the countryside too – and you might even spot the vestiges of RAF Tempsford the secret RAF Special Duty base during WW2. Once you’ve had time to adjust to the sensation of flying in a sports plane it’ll be your turn to have a go at flying the Ikarus. Everything you need to know will be explained whilst you fly and as well as flying straight and level you might well get to try a few turns and moves if you’re up for it. You can go microlighting near Bedford all year round. You’ve got the choice of a 30 or 60-minute lesson and in both cases you get lots of hands-on time flying the Ikarus yourself. If you fancy the open skies open cockpit feel of flex-wing microlighting Greg and his team operate flex wing microlights out of Middle Stoke Airfield near Rochester in Kent.


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