Microlighting Derbyshire


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Microlight flights in Derbyshire – where you’ll be flying with champions! This venue isn’t just an airfield it’s a veritable airpark with a whole host of aerial activities on offer including this full range of flights in flex or fixed wing microlights flown by champions. Chief Flying Instructor Chris Dawes and partner Judy are the flying force behind this Derbyshire microlight school. MBE holder Judy is world record breaker and world champion several times over. Judy loves teaching microlighting hangliding and paragliding and has appeared on film and TV numerous times. Chris is a display pilot and world record holder who loves free flying and gets airborne in a variety of ways. Chris has also been on TV many times in the air sits on the board of various aviation committees and trains and examines microlight pilots. Chris and Judy alongside their microlight pilot colleagues here in Derbyshire have all clocked up many hours in the machines and are all CAA approved so you’re in very good hands for your flight. The school has both types of microlight for you to choose between. Flexwing (or weight-shift/trike) microlights have a hang-glider shaped canopy and in the small open cockpit the pilot and passenger sit one behind the other. The fixed wing microlight is an Ikarus C42 that despite looking like a conventional aeroplane is still classed as a microlight as it’s light but the controls are very similar to a light aircraft with the two seats side by side. Flying out of Darley Moor Airfield you’ve got a lovely area to fly over. Once airborne you’ll soon be spotting some of the most recognisable (and lovely) places such as Dove Dale Ashbourne and Carsington Water. If you’re keen on experiencing Derbyshire history from the air we can highly recommend the 90-minute Dambusters flight which will see you swooping over Derwent Reservoir just as those WW2 bomber pilots did in training! Whether you choose a 20 30 40 60 or the 90-minute dambusting experience these microlight flights over Derbyshire hosted by champion pilots are going to be fun exhilarating and full of amazing views.


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