Microlighting East Anglia


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Go microlighting in East Anglia! Based at Beccles Airfield on the Norfolk and Suffolk border this small and friendly flying school is a joy to visit surrounded by quiet countryside and lots of unrestricted airspace. Known locally as Ellough Airfield Beccles was built as an RAF station in the Second World War being occupied by RAF Bomber and Coastal Command. And in fact Beccles was used as an air sea rescue post until its closure in 1945. It all went quiet in this tranquil corner of East Anglia until 1965 when Beccles became a heliport for North Sea oil operations. Since then the General Aviation activities that include helicopters light aircraft parachuting and now microlighting has kept Beccles Aerodrome busy. For your microlighting lesson there are two (technically speaking) very similar aircraft available. Both come in at under 450kg so are classed as microlights. Both have the same size engine and both seat two people. But take one look at the flex wing microlight next to the three-axis fixed wing model and it all looks very different! As instructors Anthony and Gary who own this Suffolk-Based operation say first reactions to the open-sided P&M Quik GT-450 are either ‘I’m not going in THAT’ or ‘Oooh that looks AMAZING’. Indeed if you want the more ‘open to the elements’ flying where you can stick your hand out and feel as though you could touch the clouds the P&M flex wing is for you. Nothing can beat the open cockpit feel. It’s also easier to fly as well with no rudder or flaps just accelerator and brake pedals along with the triangular bar to control the wings. If you’d prefer your first foray into microlighting above East Anglia to be in a cosier covered cockpit it’s time to hop onboard the German-built Ikarus C-42 fixed wing microlight. Close those little gull wing doors get strapped in beside your instructor and with a shout of ‘clear prop’ get the engine started and get ready to take to the skies above Norfolk and Suffolk in your microlight. Fixed or flexi you’re sure you’re sure to have a brilliant time!


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