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Our best value microlighting lessons available nationwide! We are offering 20 30 and 60-minute microlight experiences departing from airfields across the country. Your voucher is valid for all locations currently listed making these microlight lessons our most flexible too. All microlight experiences start with a pre-flight briefing where you will be shown around the aircraft. The main characteristic is that it is really light (to be classed as a microlight it has to weigh less than 450kg). The basic principles of flight will also be explained – all fascinating stuff even before you’ve taken to the air! Once securely strapped in the instructor will handle the take off and climb. Having settled down into level flight your pilot will demonstrate a few gentle turns and you will then be given the opportunity to try for yourself. You might not believe us now but you’ll find it’s really quite easy (yet still totally thrilling!) to actually fly the microlight yourself. Microlight aircraft are quite varied these days with many clubs around the UK now flying modern fixed wing microlights that offer the comfort of a regular training aircraft whilst others still offer flights in the flexible wing ‘open cockpit’ style microlights giving you that ‘open to the elements’ flying. All microlight clubs and training schools we feature are part of the British Microlight Aircraft Association. As with all Into The Blue flying activities all aircraft used on these microlight experiences comply with the British Civil Airworthiness Requirements issued by the CAA to regulate each aircraft the manufacturer and pilots. So if you want to buy a microlight lesson voucher that’s flexible these nationwide vouchers are valid at over 20 different microlight schools around the country. With so many locations you are never far away from an airfield offering flights in these ultra light aircraft. In just a few clicks you’ll have your best value microlight experience all sorted.


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