One Hour Drone Flying Experience in London


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Learn to control and fly aerial technology with this One Hour Drone Flying Experience in London’s first outdoor drone arena! Guided by PfCO pilots, you’ll get to fly a variety of drones and qualify for your flyer ID, allowing you to legally pilot drones up to 20kg for up to three years. Your day begins with the drone simulator, to get a grip for the basic control moves. With a real set of drone controls, you’ll manoeuvre a virtual drone on a high definition screen in order to understand functions and how to fly. Next, you’ll be ready to move onto the real thing by flying the ‘Mavic Mini’ through a specially designed circuit. This outdoor course is purpose built to test out your new piloting skills, and you’ll be amazed at how agile this drone can be!One of drones’ fundamental purposes is to capture stunning aerial videos, and the next stage of the experience is what this is all about. Moving onto a Phantom 4 Pro – an industry leading professional drone camera – you’ll practice videoing and photographing techniques from the air to learn the various settings. Its then on to fly your third and final drone of the day, the Inspire 2 X5S. Capable of 5.2K quality aerial footage and flying up to 67mph, it really saves the best ’til last! To finish, you’ll pop on a pair of DJI Goggles to control the drone like never before, and enjoy the feeling of flying first hand. This head tracking system allows you to navigate the drone with your head movement, and experience breath taking views aerial views you won’t forget!This drone flying experience makes a for a fun and highly informative day out with friends or family, for anyone from the age of 8 and up.


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