One Hour Four Seater Flying Lesson


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Experience Days Flying Lessons: If you have ever dreamed of piloting a plane yourself, or you are looking for an extra special experience gift for someone who has, look no further than this brilliant One Hour Four Seater Flying Lesson! Whether you are serious about becoming a pilot and want to use this lesson to begin a career or just want to experience the exhilaration of flying a plane yourself, this superb lesson is the perfect introduction to this thrilling activity! Learning from friendly, knowledgeable and expert instructors you will be taking off and landing at Hawarden Airport on the same runway as commercial planes, and under expert tuition you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get the hang of it! Climbing aboard a four-seater light aircraft along with your instructor and passenger (if you are bringing one) you will be shown the controls and be taught about the basics of flight before the instructor performs the take-off … and then once you’re safely airborne you will be handed over the controls to fly the plane yourself. Nothing compares to the thrill of soaring through the skies in a plane and you will be able to admire spectacular views of the North West and the Welsh coastline. We bet that by the time you land you will be utterly hooked! At the end of your experience, you’ll have a flight log to take home. So whether this lesson is a gift for an adrenaline-junkie with dreams of flight or you want to enjoy the lesson yourself, this is the perfect flying taster session. Take to the skies today and don’t look back!


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