One Hour R44 Helicopter Trial Flight in Yorkshire


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Helicopter Experience Days: If you have ever dreamed of soaring through the skies in a helicopter, then this fantastic One Hour Trial Helicopter Flying Lesson in Yorkshire is quite simply the best way to make those dreams come true! Learning to fly a helicopter is one of the most thrilling and challenging experiences there are; nothing can beat the mind-blowing sensation of hovering in the sky as free as a bird, swooping forwards and backwards as well as sideways. During this superb lesson you will receive tuition from expert flight instructors and will be surprised at how quickly your confidence levels climb, as well as your ability. Flying in an awesome Robinson 44 helicopter at one of Yorkshire’s top flying centres, you’ll first have some ground briefing where safety issues will be discussed and you will be shown what the helicopter controls do – and then the real fun can start! Once you’re safely airborne you will be passed the controls and can have a go at flying yourself; prepare for an adrenaline-rush like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! You will be flying for 60 exhilarating minutes and it’s a safe assumption to say that you will be totally hooked by the time you land! So whether you’re serious about becoming a helicopter pilot and want to put this lesson towards your pilot’s licence, just want to experience the wonderful sensation of chopper flight, or want to surprise a friend with an exceptional experience gift, this lesson is just the ticket!


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