Private Flying Lesson – 30 Minute


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This flying lesson is the first rung of the ladder for those who have a hankering to hit the skies and earn their private pilot’s licence. This is a 30 minute flight in a two seater aircraft with just you and your professional pilot instructor. You will soar over Wales, and even help to actually pilot the plane during the flight! On arrival at the airfield on the day of your flying experience, you will be welcomed by the staff in the operations office and meet your flight instructor. You’ll start your session with a 5 – 10 minute routine briefing while you are still on solid ground, before you are led out onto the apron and into the aircraft. Once the flight actually begins, it is entirely up to you how much or little you want to participate. You can absolutely get hands on and help perform such tasks as starting the engine, checklist drills, taxiing, take off, cruising, turns and descent, as you take the controls to really experience piloting a plane! You’ll end your experience with a flight log to take home. You can get some really spectacular views of Wales during your flight, with plenty of route options available depending on what you would like to see!


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