Safety Management in Aviation – A holistic introduction


How safety in aviation has become the example for other industries

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By completing this course you will receive a certificate from AirAetius (EASA Approved Training Organisation) (to receive it, email to instructor after completing the course)A Safety Management System is a systematic & organized approach to managing safety within an organization. It is a modern and smart business solution. SMS has gone through a lot of phases and transitions and it is a system that requires continuous monitoring and continuous improvement. The backbone of the SMS is the people of an organization. SMS training is a regulatory requirement for all employees in the aviation industry. People who have a good understanding of SMS principles are able to meet their responsibilities more consistently and champion safety processes. The strong foundations of SMS, allow for better communication in the workplace, identification of errors, gaps and problems. This is an introductory course. It is suitable for all the personnel of an aviation organization who have little or no background in the Safety Management System. It is thus a good course for pilots, cabin crew, engineers, technicians, ramp agents, operations personnel and administrative personnel who are joining the industry. This course it is not aimed at people with safety education, or managers who have already received training for SMS, but it can serve as a revision and refreshment. The course duration at a normal pace is approximately 6 hours. This represents a full day in classroom. The course is open for an individual to complete it in the preferable pace and it has lifetime access.


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