Scenic Flying Lesson To Warwick Castle


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Combine a light aircraft flying lesson with a scenic pleasure flight during this Light Aircraft Experience to Warwick Castle – the most picturesque way to fly!Taking place at Coventry Airport, the day begins with a classroom briefing on aircraft controls, signals and manoeuvres, and a Q&A session with the pilot to ensure you’re confident about the experience ahead. Then it’s time for take off! Once airborne the pilot will hand you the controls, allowing you to put theory into practise as you soar above the Coventry countryside towards Warwick Castle. Spot the Defensive Towers, Curtain Walls, Gatehouse & Barbican, Caesar’s Tower and lots more from the air, before heading back to the airport for a smooth landing. We can’t think of a better way to learn how to fly!The Warwick Castle Scenic Flying Lesson would make a special treat for aviation enthusiasts, and a wonderfully unique experience gift to mark a celebratory occasion. Enjoy!


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