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Choose one from the following:Flying SimulatorEver wondered what the cockpit of an aircraft looks like? Now is your chance to see! You get to sit in the Captain’s seat of a fully functional flight simulator, taking the controls from take-off to landing. Every button and switch is accurate in looks and function to the real aircraft. 7 locations.Parachute SimulatorWant to know what it feels like to freefall but are not quite brave enough to jump out of a plane? This experience is just the thing to give you and a friend that taste. With this experience you will be jumping o a high platform, which is guaranteed to give the ultimate adrenaline rush. 1 location.Golf SimulatorWorld leading HD Golf Simulators create a unique activity that suits all levels of golfer. The comfortable and private golf booths allow you to play on real, world famous golf courses, without having to travel. You won’t be holding up other golfers or taking divots out of pristine fairways. 1 location.Race SimulatorThis is your chance to slip into the shoes of some of the best F1 drivers as you buckle up and take on the world’s greatest Grand Prix circuits! From the comfort of the race pod, watch your progress on the screen as you experience the same tracks as an F1 race car driver. 3 locations.Helicopter SimulatorThe simulator has a full Jetranger cockpit layout, complete with all of the helicopter controls for a highly authentic flight feel. You and a friend can try your hand at flying around downtown Chicago or the skyscrapers of New York while adding changing weather conditions. 1 location.


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