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Choose one from the following:Flying SimulatorEver wondered what the cockpit of an aircraft looks like? Now is your chance to see! You get to sit in the Captain’s seat of a fully functional flight simulator, taking the controls from take-off to landing. Every button and switch is accurate in looks and function to the real aircraft. 7 locations.Parachute SimulatorWant to know what it feels like to freefall but are not quite brave enough to jump out of a plane? This experience is just the thing to give you and a friend that taste. With this experience you will be jumping o a high platform, which is guaranteed to give the ultimate adrenaline rush. 1 location.Helicopter SimulatorThe simulator has a full Jetranger cockpit layout, complete with all of the helicopter controls for a highly authentic flight feel. You and a friend can try your hand at flying around downtown Chicago or the skyscrapers of New York while adding changing weather conditions. 1 location.


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