Trial Flight in a 4 Seater Aircraft – Cornwall


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Experience Days Flying Lessons: Learn to fly a plane in Cornwall, with this superb introduction to flying. You’ll take to the skies in a beautiful 4-seater light aircraft, under the tuition of a highly qualified expert instructor…and with this experience, you can even take 2 lucky family members or friends along for the ride! The lesson starts on the ground – you will arrive at the airfield for a welcome and an introduction to the aircraft as well as an overview of the principles of flying a light aircraft. This done, you’ll head to the Robin R3000 to get ready for take off. Don’t worry, the instructor will take care of this part but you can follow through the movements on the dual controls. Once airborne, and if/when you’re feeling confident enough, the instructor will pass the controls over to you so that you can experience how it feels to actually fly the aircraft yourself! Soar over the beautiful Cornish coastline, and make sure one of your passengers brings a camera so that they can capture the spectacular view… as well as a few snaps of you piloting the Piper! The instructor will take you safely back to earth, where you’ll be presented with a flight certificate to say that you’ve completed the first lesson in a series that could eventually lead to you earning your Private Pilot’s Licence! If you’re looking for the perfect present for a daredevil, or you’ve always wanted to try your hand at flying, this trial flight is the perfect flying lesson to start with… and one you can share with friends or family!


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