Triple Glide Experience in Cambridge


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Gliding Experience Days: This fantastic gliding experience takes you cruising through the skies three times! Allowing you to experience 3x 30 minute flights! Relax and enjoy the tranquil English Countryside or get involved and take charge of the controls, flying the plane at 2000 feet. You will be alongside an instructor throughout your flight and not only will it provide you with fantastic views but it will also form the first part of the full BGA Training Syllabus.This experience is for 3 separate gliding excursions. Once you have arrived and been welcomed to the centre your gliding experience will begin with the necessary paperwork, covering the declaration of flight. Then, once the paperwork is complete you will meet the instructor and have a short safety briefing before getting ready for the first of the 3 main events! You will make your way to the launch point and meet the launch marshall who is responsible for ensuring you get airborne`, and be ready for your first of 3 glides. Once aloft, you can expect to glide from 2000 feet, which will take around 30 mins. You will be encouraged to take the controls yourself by the instructor if you feel comfortable, but it is of course entirely up to you.


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