Two Hour Spitfire Flight Simulator in Warwickshire


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Flying Experience Days: Travel back in time with this two-hour Spitfire flight simulator experience in Warwickshire. It’s your chance to pilot Britain’s most iconic aircraft and defend the nation against the Luftwaffe!The Warwickshire simulator is one of only two Spitfire sims in the UK. It features a replica cockpit with full instrumentation and a realistic control column, plus high-quality sound and visual displays. On arrival, you’ll be greeted and briefed by an experienced flight instructor before taking your seat behind the famous joystick. The two-hour session begins on the tarmac and includes both take-off and landing. Once airborne, you’ll learn the basic controls during a short period of ‘free flight’, after which you’ll move on to more challenging aerobatic manoeuvres and eventually dog fights against the German Messerschmitt 109s. These will take place over the British countryside, Dover and wartime London, where you’ll take on enemy formations in sight of Tower Bridge, Westminster, Buckingham Palace, and Nelson’s Column. Fly for Queen and Country to become a true Battle of Britain ace!The Two-Hour Spitfire Flight Simulator in Warwickshire makes a unique experience gift for Spitfire enthusiasts and WWII history buffs. Surprise your loved one with an Experience Days voucher today!


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