UK Two Hour Drone Flying Lesson 2-4-1


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Flying Experience Days: Drones are everywhere these days, and what was once cutting-edge military hardware is now available to businesses, scientists, filmmakers and hobbyists around the world. There are more drone pilots out there than ever before-and now YOU and a friend can join them! Choose from twelve scenic locations across the UK and learn to fly and film like pros during a comprehensive two-hour lesson. Lessons are taught on a two-to-one basis by a PfCO qualified instructor. Students can bring their own drone/s along (please check your instructor supports the model) or borrow a DJI drone for the day. On arrival at your chosen location, you’ll be greeted by your instructor and briefed. During this initial discussion, you’ll talk about your prior experience (if any) and what you’re hoping to take from the day’s lesson. The rest of the time will be split between theory-based learning and practical, hands-on flying, with an emphasis on safety and efficiency. Beginners will typically cover the basic drone/transmitter setup, the DJI Go app, the rules and regulations of flying (i.e. ‘Can we fly here?’), flying technique, pre-flight checklists, take-off, landing and more. You’ll also receive professional tips for capturing epic images and video, as well as advice on the best kit to buy. Whether you’re just curious or ready to take your hobby to the next level, trust us, it’ll be two hours well spent!Two-hour drone flying lessons are suitable for beginners and experienced pilots alike, and Experience Days vouchers make unique Christmas and birthday gifts. So, go on, surprise someone special today!


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