‘Utter Nutter’ Aerobatics in Goodwood – Weekday


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Flying Experience Days: Are you ready to take on the ultimate aerial challenge? Of course you are! The Goodwood ‘Utter Nutter’ experience is the most extreme challenge for thrill seeking individuals everywhere, and makes an incredible once-in-a-lifetime gift. Under the guidance of ex-military pilots with years of aerobatic flying experience, you’ll begin your day with a safety brief on correct use of the aircraft controls and how to handle the extreme G-forces facing you. The aircraft you’ll be flying is an Extra 300, the most prestigious two-seat competition aerobatic aircraft in the world – a total honour in itself! Once you’ve strapped in and taken to the skies, the real fun can begin… Your challenge? To complete the Big Five Extreme Manoeuvres; the Cravat, the Inverted Loop, the Ruade, the Inverted push-up to Lomcevak, and the Mulleroid. Each move will require extreme concentration, instinct and most of all, sheer courage. If you are successful with your mission, your name will be forever commemorated on the ‘Utter Nutter’ Roll of Honour Board. For the most memorable experience gift of all time, this aerobatics flying day comes out top. Ideal for adrenaline-junkies or anyone whose dream is to be crowned an ‘Utter Nutter’!Once you have arrived and been welcomed to the centre on your weekend flight you will be provided with refreshments whilst fitting your flying suit. You will then receive a full pre-flight briefing which includes all safety and parachute procedures before a basic lesson on how to fly an aerobatic plane! An ex-military instructor is on hand for one- to-one discussion’s to explain how extreme your experience is going to be. Now for the all important flight! Once in the skies your instructor will go through the aerobatic manoeuvres you are going to try, including the techniques required to execute these correctly. Now its your turn to take the controls and attempt these incredible stunts! Feel the G-force as you try loop the loops, barrel rolls and many more. Then its back to base for a personal de-brief with your pilot, including the number of G pulled and a signed flight certificate for you to keep! You can purchase a video of your actual flight for an additional £49.


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