Talk2Tower Program – Aviation Radio Instruction

The Talk2Tower program was created in 2020 when student pilot, Kent McRee, was referred to Pamelita Ware, a retired FAA licensed Air Traffic Controller and Pilot, for Aviation Radio instruction. As he pursued his private pilot license, he found the language spoken between pilots and Air Traffic Control was more challenging than flying itself. 

However, his confidence significantly improved once he started with Pamelita on individually designed practice scenarios with specialized instruction. And thus, Talk2Tower was born.

While accurate and precise aviation radio skills are essential to the safety of flight, radio communication is not an area that is required in the Flight Instructor PTS, nor are they typically tested on how an instructor will teach them in a flight instructor check ride. Flight instructors briefly teach radio skills in flight training, and suitable or accurate radio usage is often overlooked because the first area of concern is flying the aircraft. 

Therefore, most pilots will only gain the radio instruction skills they pick up by parroting their instructors. Additionally, when learning all aspects of flight at one time, a student pilot’s ability to fully absorb each task decreases. Even if they obtain the full credentials, it will have taken them longer and leave the pilots with less proficiency than specialized instruction. Talk2Tower offers a streamlined solution to both issues.

Talk2Tower Model

The Talk2Tower model was developed to be an entirely new class of Aviation Radio Instruction. This unique program offers precise, yet functional instruction from current FAA licensed Air Traffic Controllers proficient in the Aviation Language and provides pilots with a curriculum focused on understanding and demonstrating radio communications. All instructors are fully vetted and trained on the Talk2Tower procedures before interacting with students. 

As current ATCs, they have a vested interest in wanting standardized and proper phraseology and communications over the radio. In addition to removing all the other elements of flight, Talk2Tower classes have a maximum of five students to allow for the individual attention required, enabling students to stop a scenario (essentially “pausing” the flight) so the Air Traffic Controller can explain the concept or reasoning for an instruction.

Aviation Phonetic Alphabet

The one-on-one approach of learning radio from the ground ensures students understand all the elements of Aviation Radio without the added in-flight pressures of such as maintaining airspeed, attitude and altitude. Like any good language program, Talk2Tower begins at the base level with the Aviation Phonetic Alphabet and progresses to a comprehensive Controller/Pilot dialogue in a relatively short period of time. 

The computer-based scenarios are combined with verbal instruction from live Air Traffic Controllers and tailored to the individualized needs of each student, giving them everything needed to succeed in their field. Students may choose from five courses based on their flight experience and radio communication needs. The first three modules are designed for beginners with little to no experience speaking with ATC. The fourth module is an extensive course for IFR Clearances designed for licensed pilots seeking an instrument rating certification or those already certified and who want to improve their radio skills.

Talk2Tower program

Aircraft Radio Refresher Course

Finally, the fifth module is a Radio Refresher Course designed for Pilots who are already licensed but want to brush up on their skills. Whatever a pilot’s current situation, Talk2Tower makes learning radio communication easy and quick so pilots can concentrate on other flying elements. Using licensed Air Traffic Controllers, the Talk2Tower program operates the only Aviation Radio Communication program designed and tailored for all pilots that wish to improve their radio skills and gain confidence in the sky. As all pilots know, being proficient in ATC communication is crucial to the safety of all flights, so visit to sign up for your first free course session and start enhancing your radio skills today!

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